Computer Programmer

Every computer's program has been created, revamped, and tested by a computer programmer. This is an important field for anyone interested in how computers and their programs work. Most computer programmers must obtain some type of schooling in order to get the proper credentials. In the year 2002, over half of the total computer programmers in the United States held at least a bachelor's degree, while about one in every five had their master's degree. Education in the field of computer programming is extremely important.

So what are the tasks of a computer programmer? Basically, the job entails writing, creating, and testing different computer programs. Many people who go into the field of computer programming create their own programs, while others work as a team to help further develop existing programs. There are other job descriptions within the world of the computer programmer. For example, one can choose to be a database analyst, software engineer, or a computer scientist. The field is constantly growing and changing, and is always in demand. When a program has a glitch or a problem, a computer programmer is there to help find the cause and source of the glitch, and then develop new ways of fixing the problem and repairing it.

Usually, the role of a computer programmer is divided into two main types: software and systems. A software programmer usually writes, creates and develops actual software to be used in most home or business PCs. A systems programmer most commonly works with databases, networks, and operating systems to ensure they are working properly, and to help further develop their effectiveness. The field of computer programming is complex and complicated, so the demand for such a job is very high. With the right training and education, the choice to enter this field is a smart career move and can be very rewarding.
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