Music Contracts

Let's say you are in a band, or are a professional singer. You've honed in on your special talents and have created an album that you'd like to promote, and maybe one-day sell in mass quantities. Or perhaps you'd like to tour on the road as an aspiring musician or band. There are many different things to look out for, such as the signing of musical contracts. When signing musical contracts, there is no one type of contract that will cover all bases, so be sure you know which kind you are signing. Some of the most common types of music contracts are production, booking/gigs, CD sales and royalty, and promotion.

If you have been signed on to a major label, it is a good idea to hire an agent who can help do most of the legal and technical legwork for you. Your agent should be proficient in the terminology involved in most music contracts, and can advise you on what you are signing. Sometimes when you perform at different venues, the actual venue might ask you to sign a contract, so look into this before booking performances to be sure you are getting the best out of the deal. Additionally, larger labels will ask for a percentage of royalties from all sales of your music and merchandise. Look for labels that will not take too much, and be sure that you will receive the royalties properly and in a timely manner. Music contracts are basically like all other forms of contracts: they are designed to protect both the performer and the venue or company helping provide services to the performer. As with any other contract, thoroughly read through it and be sure of what you are signing before you put your name on it, in order to avoid problems in the future.
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