Wedding Photography Contract

Your wedding is one of the most significant and meaningful events in your lifetime. You want to be sure your special moments are captured on film so that you'll have wonderful, long lasting memories to cherish. Many people choose to hire a professional photographer to capture these times on film. The use of a professional usually includes signing a wedding photography contract. When signing a contract of this nature, be sure to carefully read all of the provisions included, as each photography studio usually has different terms. For example, some contracts will specifically state that they make keep a copy of your negatives, and re-use your photos for advertising purposes. This may not be something you want to do, so look for terms such as this when signing your wedding photography contract beforehand.

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A good idea is to budget your photographer needs before you look for someone to take your pictures. Odds are, the wedding photography contract will list the person's fees in it, so look carefully to see if they charge what is within your budget. Most professional photographers charge by the hour, and some include the cost of film in their fees as well. Figure out beforehand how many hours you'd like the photographer to be there, and then plan accordingly, making sure you let them know what the timeframe will be. Another important factor to consider is to try and find someone who can take your pictures locally. Sometimes a wedding photography contract will also include travel provisions such as hotel and other costs if the person taking your pictures is coming from out of town. It is a good idea to ask friends or family if they know of someone locally who can take your pictures, so you can avoid these extra costs. Do some research and you should be able to find the perfect photographer for your wedding without a hitch.
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